Control panel

What is included
ASP /.Net
This programming language by Microsoft is used to generate dynamic webpages.
PHP is used for programming dynamic generated webpages.
MySql us a multi-threaded SQL-databaseserver to support many concurrent users.
Our hostingaccounts has unlimited email-accounts, forwards, alias.
We have a simple webmail if you are on the move and an advanced webmail with calendar and contacts.
With POP3 / IMAP you can see your emails in programs like Outlook, Thunderbird or Mac Mail.
Subdomain is for example []. Subdomains can be administrated from the controlpanel.
FTP accounts
An FTP-account is an account pointing to a specific folder on you hosting account with login and password.
Alias / Forward
Alias is for example admin@[] pointing at info@[]. Forward sends you emails to another account (for example a gmail-account).
Statistics showing visitors on you homeage, where they come from etc..
Virus- and spam filter
SPAM filter removes SPAM before it gets in your inbox.
Google Adwords
You get money to advertise using Goole Adwords with your hosting account.
You can use the integrated websitebuilder or popular third party products like WordPress, Joomla or Mambo.
Photo gallery
It is easy to create a photogallery for you family, sportsclub etc..
Create you own personal blog with unique templates and functionality.