Control panel


How do I create an email-address ?
You can create as many email-addresses as you like.
Go into the controlpanel, click on "email", click on "mailadministration".

Click on "create new account" in the left menu.

Input values for these fields:

Email-address: Your new email-address (Note: only text before @ is needed).

Password: The password for your new email-address.

Sender name: The name used when sending an email, will be seen by the addressee.

Space in MB: The size of the new email-account measured in MB.

The user of this email account can do the administation: If this is active, the user can log into the mailadministration and administrate his own email-account and nothing else.

Delivery: Should mails to this account be deleted?
This is mainly used if an email-address is only used for forward from the address. When activated a copy of the forwarded email is not using extra space on the account.

click "Create"

Your new email-address is now created.