Control panel


How do I setup email in Thunderbird ?
1) Click "Create new account", as shown below with the red box

2) Input your name, email-address and password. These is the information you used when creating an email-address on your mailadministration.
Click "next", and Thunderbird will try to find the correct options-

Click on the "edit" button, and choose between POP or IMAP. It has to be chosen here and it can not be changed afterwards.
POP is the default value, mails are saved locally on your pc. When using IMAP mails will be saved on the mail-server instead.

Make sure the serveroptions are as shown below:
Servername: mail.""
Port: 110 for POP or 143 for IMAP
Username: Your new email-address
Connectionsecurity: [none]
Approvalmethod: Accesscode, unsecure transfer.

Press "Outgoing server (SMTP)" in the left menu, and click on "edit":

Description: [not important]
Servername: mail.""
Port: 587
Approvalmethod: Accesscode, unsecure transfer.
Username: Your new email-address

Complete setup by clicking the "OK"-button 2 times untill your are back in the Thundebird program.